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Changing request to PR promotion


China is a magic country with so many requirements changing every day. For promotion product, although thousands of foreign brands engage in Chinese market to brand themselves, there are more local brands would like to push into foreign markets.

An non-official report reveals that tracking the development of 100 local companies in China for 2 years, 45% of them dedicate to explore the market outside China. The number is still growing. Innovation is their key focused area in exploring market.

Plenty of areas cover in this invasion, including power and energy, manufacturing and machinery, textile, auto, dairy, etc. The most welcomed country is still US.

The 1st step of exploration is to do market research, finding out competitiveness, pricing, and location and preparing for branding. Then, the next is to find the local PR agency or marketing agency for strategic planning and management.

However, in short of knowing about eastern world, fewer companies may know how-to PR for meeting Chinese clients' requirement.

There might be some tips value to use:

1, acknowledge their needs

Chinese companies get used to sticking to their knowledges that will lead to be suspecious to all answers. Thus, for agencies, 1st task is to obtain safety from clients by providing marketing researches, ground checking, and competitive analysis.

2, KPIs

Chinese companies are driving for KPIs as their main request to all marketing behavior. Thus, for PRs, charging by hours will not be a acceptable way of doing KPIs. A promising timeline and scorescard may help raise trust.

3, Branding skills

Chinese companies may ask for strategies that follow the same style back in China. However, public opinions, ways of doing strategies, consumers' behavior are unlike to the Chinese style. Thus, EDUCATING becomes the top priority to let them know western style.

Set social marketing as an example, social marketing in China is very trendy which is accepted by netizens in a fast pace. Social platforms are fast accepted also fast ignored. But in US, creative innovation is the best key to obtain best results. Platforms are not that important.

4, Educating clients

Not every Chinese company would need PR unless they understand the importance of doing PR in western countries. Thus, educating them the value of PR is also very crucial. The truth of PR is a norm to obtain public opinion, not purely for sales. The tools of engaging with sales are various but not each camp will gain best result but more of educating end consumers with brand knowledge. With this tactic, public may gain interests to products and services thus to trigger sales.


Vivian Li

PR Manager

Tel: +86 010 8390 7451

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