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Super-Pharm Opening Up in Beijing 2015
Super-Pharm is the largest and leading drugstore chain in Israel. Established in 1978, the company has grown into a retail network of 200 stores throughout the country. On March 20, 2015, the company opened its first branch in China.

The GENI-PLUS PR was appointed to organize PR activities for Super-Pharm to the grand opening. GENI-PLUS PR delegated 4 bilingual PR consultants to be onsite throughout the entire event. 
At the end of the event, 17 media in attendance to the grand opening. 3 of them did one-to-one interview, the other media did the interview through email before opening ceremony.
This outcome exceeds customers’ expectation, because GENI-PLUS PR leveraged creative PR tactics to get best coverage results. This includes but is not limited to:
 Recommend trending media topics for Super-Pharm’s grand opening
 Leverage social media before, during the event for more exposure
 Use pictures to represent Super-Pharm as the leader of combining three in one business model to lead the market

Print Media Attendees

Online Media Attendees

Result in General

Generated extensive media coverage of the event – 26 final attendees, 6 more reporters
attended the press conference than originally expected
Garnered four exclusive interviews onsite, they are:
Luxury Traveler
Modern Family
China News Service
The event has been reported by 27 medias, and the interview of China News Service has been
re-tweeted for 14 times in 4 hours
• Media Reception:
17 media in attendance to the grand opening.
• One-to-one Interviews
Garnered 3 exclusive interviews for Lior Reitblatt and Yang Jiguang
• Result of Publishment
120 pieces of coverage have been published or will be published, 13 of them are on print media
and 107of them are on online media.
Almost 200 pieces of coverage published on BBS and BLOGS prior the event.

One-to-one Interviews

Social Media Buzz Prior the Event

Result of Print Media

The event has been reported 13 times on print media, 7 has been published, 6 to be published by the end of April and the beginning of May.

Result of Online Media

107 online media places on their portals within 1 weeks, blow are important ones

Event Photos


Vivian Li

PR Manager

Tel: +86 010 8390 7451

Mobile: +86 13041030670