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The Importance of Social Media to Public Relations

Online social media has taken over the Internet like wildfire, and it’s the companies who aren’t able to market themselves online that suffer the consequences from competing businesses. Print press releases and media kits are still a necessary part of public relations, but social media has become equally, if not sometimes more important, than print PR. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Digg have all grown in popularity as a means to promote a business. If you have a public relations team that doesn’t focus on social media, you need to revamp your current PR strategies and figure out how to start using social media to your benefit. Below are some reasons why.

Social Media Attracts Customers

With a number of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allowing users to follow companies or use certain tags to talk about a company, businesses are seeing growth from customers who are finding them on social media sites. Social networking also allows companies to create giveaways or provide coupons and promotions to customers, creating brand recognition and attracting people who might otherwise not have utilized the brand.

People who love social media are constantly on the different sites posting random thoughts and also great deals from businesses. Even if a business doesn’t have a large following of Internet users on their site, it only takes one person with a large following of fans or friends to mention a business and that company’s products or services can become the next big thing.

Other forms of social media include blogs and websites. Blogging has become a popular form of marketing for both small and large businesses. Some companies even hire a couple of bloggers to blog daily about things going on with the company or promote products or services. Article marketing is a type of marketing where short articles are written on a topic that relates to your business. These articles show up when people conduct online searches, drawing them into your website or blog. Many businesses have learned how to use certain keywords for PR and marketing, insuring that their website or blog is easily found during a search.

Social Media Allows You to Reach Customers Instantly

Public relations professionals who need to manage a company’s reputation or pull in the reigns on bad publicity can instantly reach customers through social media sites. In fact, many celebrities offset rumors by posting to Twitter, letting their fans know immediately their side of the story. A company can also post sales and deals to social media sites, letting their loyal customers know before it becomes mainstream news. However, with the popularity of social media sites, most businesses aren’t able to keep secret deals a secret for long since users usually repost the information all over the Internet. For some companies, this is an easy way to spread the word without having to invest a lot of money for marketing.

The creation of new sites and the growing popularity of current sites means that PR professionals should have social media as part of their marketing and PR strategies. Considering how quickly word spreads online now, it’s never too late to dive into the world of social media.


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