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Public Relations and Social Media Strategy for Small Business

As a business owner, your brand messaging is shared with your audience through many aspects of public relations including social media. While public relations involves managing the information that is shared by and about your brand with the public, a powerful social media strategy involves not only engaging in meaningful conversations with your audience on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but sharing useful content while efficiently guiding your audience to perform specific actions that ultimately propel your brand and business forward.

Public Relations and the social revolution.

Along with digital press releases that can be sent free of charge on the internet, the process of sharing information about your brand has gone through dramatic change and evolution. Ten years ago, brands announced a new product line by sending out a press release to targeted journalists and news outlets through a service such as PR Newswire (for a single transaction cost of around $1000). Once the press release was sent out, business owners would cross their fingers and toes in the hopes that a reporter (or several) would pick up the story or mention the brand in a mass market publication.

Public relations is not just about the press release. It is about shaking hands too.

Today, public relations involves interacting directly with the public to not only share company news, but to connect with existing and potential customers. This direct connect between the brand and the consumer has sped up the process of client attraction while also increasing the need for public relations expertise that can manage everything from customer service and client engagement to vendor relations and brand visibility.

Without a clearly defined social strategy, your public relations efforts may end up doing more damage than good.

Due to the instantaneous nature of social media and the internet, the potential for a misstep is almost unavoidable. This makes it essential for brands to be proactive about developing a social strategy that encompasses all aspects of brand messaging from increasing brand visibility and sharing offerings to how to approach a PR nightmare. The need for clearly defined best practices in this area is especially important if your business is growing and you, as the business owner have now handed off the responsibilities of social media engagement to your team.

In order to measure the effectiveness of your social media and public relations efforts, you will need to set guidelines for interacting on social media platforms while maintaining brand values and messaging. You will need to incorporate relationship building efforts not just with your audience, but also with journalists, reporters, bloggers and other social influencers who will be more likely to share your story if you share theirs first. Your social media editorial calendar will outline how each social media platform is used (btw, sharing the same content across all platforms is not an effective social media strategy) and how often each platform is updated and engaged in. In other words, your public relations strategy will envelope your social strategy as you look for innovative ways to increase brand visibility.

The shift in public relations over the past decade involves the transfer of power from the media to the brand.

As a brand, you are no longer beholden to the journalist who may happen to stumble upon your press release as the needle in the hay stack. With the popularity of social media (including blogs) you are now the media that has the power to share a message with the audience that is following you. With an intelligent and well-crafted public relations social strategy, you now have the ability to not only create an amazing product or service that generates revenue while building your business, you can write the story that gets shared across multiple platforms and news outlets.

Remember that good public relations is not only about getting your message out there, it is about being social and paying it forward by sharing not just your own content but content that fits within your social strategy.


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