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Social Media: A tie for public relations
Social Media and Public Relations:
Public relation professionals were the first who predicted the success of social media and they have made it the leader of social arena.
They are using it bring in more revolution through social media. Public relations, now-a-days deeply depends on the social media. The traditional press release has now transformed into the social media updates and generation. Social media is now responsible for public relation of the companies and clients.

Advancements in PR:
Public relation agency needs to be ready to consult with clients, work with their teams, launching blogs, sites, mobile posts etc. The recent shift from traditional media communication to social media communication has made public relations more flexible and approachable. To mingle with the clients’ public relation agency must follow proper guidelines in order to get appropriate outcomes. Below are some of the guidelines that can help PR agency to survive in this social media era.

Pitch planning:
To bring in social media in public relation, one must ponder over the way it is represented to world. A poorly planned strategy can result in a no response from journalist, editors and other concerned parties. The readers can simply delete the press release if they do not find it interesting. Incorporation of social media with PR strategy is a risky task. Sending the right message to the right client is better than sending it to millions of people who do not even know about your brand. The things should be simple and straightforward. To build a relationship with the journalist and bloggers, you must understand their likes and interests.

Delivering Value to Clients:
One of the main tasks of public relation agencies is to educate people about the benefits of social media. Not only do they have to promote and monitor the brand value but also keep a track of social media and the feedback of their loyal customers. It is the duty of PR agency to deliver the best for the clients and promote the brand as well.

Sorting Out your Social Media Toolkit
PR firms have to opt for the best social media platform to exhibit the brands or business. Not only is the accurate platform beneficial but also to connect with target audience. The platform must offer a reliable way to communicate with the clients, journalist, bloggers and the other concerned parties. It should not be focused to only set of people. Each social media platform has its own benefits, and choosing from it according to the benefit of the company is what the PR firm strives for.

Measuring ROI:
Public relation has to determine its success and this can be determined by measuring the return on investment. It can be easily measured by evaluating the number of followers increased over the period of time, how many likes page has registered, how many likes you get on a specific posts or updates. This can help in formulating an improved strategy.

Vivian Li

PR Manager

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