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3 social media lessons from a sunburn

A few weekends ago, I suffered the results of too much fun in the sun: a sunburn.

Though my time in Ocean Shores, Washington, was worth the pain, I can’t help but think I could have done something differently.

Like a trip to the beach, a social media campaign can start out fun and end in discomfort if you don't take proper care.

Here are three social media lessons I thought about as I soothed my burning skin:

1. Think ahead.

Instead of heading straight to the beach and to the pool, I should have stopped and put on sunscreen. Taking five more minutes to put on Coppertone could have saved me from the pain that would soon follow.

Before you jump straight into a new social media campaign, create an editorial calendar. Whether your campaign is only for a few weeks or months, planning out what you want to post will help you stay organized and stop you from missing anything important.

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2. Listen To others

To be totally honest, I was told to wear sunscreen, but didn’t listen. Had I taken the advice, I may not have ended up in this position. Most often, we think we have it all figured out but discover that if we would have just listened, problems we find ourselves in could have been avoided.

Plenty of blogs and websites offer tips and advice on how to handle different social media and marketing problems a small business may face. If you find yourself in any of these situations, browse the Web to find helpful solutions.

3. Follow up.

If I didn’t listen to the advice of wearing sunscreen the first time, I certainly have been listening to the wisdom of putting on Aloe Vera on my burns since. This aftercare skin treatment may be just as important as using sunscreen in the first place.

Like using Aloe Vera after a burn, following up on social media after you post content is just as important. By monitoring your activity, you can respond to customer comments and complaints to see what content you’re posting is getting the most interaction.

Though sunburns can be painful, in my case, it was well worth it for a fun weekend in the sun with my friends and family. Much like avoiding or recovering from a sunburn, a successful social media campaign can be achieved by thinking ahead, listening to others and following up.

What other social media lessons can you come up with from getting a sunburn?


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