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5 ways PR and marketing pros can benefit from e-learning
There is an art to succeeding in marketing and public relations.

As the industry is becoming ever more innovative, professionals must have their ear to the ground and embrace continuing education to increase their versatility. The more experience and career training that professionals have, the more likely they are to grow and develop within their career.

This education is available online. E-learning can be a powerful tool for PR and marketing pros’ continued success.

If you still need convincing, here are five ways e-learning can benefit marketing and PR professionals:

1. Overcoming obstacles

Taking an e-learning course that targets a specific issue or hurdle in your personal or professional life (such as creative problem solving or communicating) can help you in your career path.

Corporate training companies are gold for professionals as they introduce you to new tools that allow you to be more productive. They also show you how to use the tools you already have to enhance and overcome obstacles in your career.

Learning effective ways to overcome an obstacle teaches you new solutions that can be used in everyday life—solutions that you would not have been exposed to without the information or perspective.

2. Enhancing social media marketing

A well conceived website and active online presence is critical in business. If you aren't engaged in social media, you are missing out on a valuable business tool.

Social media is necessary if you want to grow your brand, and you should be actively involved with Twitter and Facebook (at the very least).

Twitter is commonly used to attract new business and promote brand awareness, as well as increase employee engagement and deepen relationships with existing clients.

Facebook is mistakenly used as a website replacement—it is actually an enhancement to an already existing website, but like your existing website, it requires fresh content constantly.

A course in social media navigation can teach you how to capture your audience, promote and host social media campaigns, help you better understand your customers and gauge your marketing activities with analytics.

3. Mastering analytics

In order to properly use website analytics, you must first understand them.

Mastering Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics can help you put together effective marketing plans, then implement proper pay-per-click advertisements successfully in order to see what impact your marketing efforts are having.

It is critical to know how to measure site traffic, ad performance, ROI and conversions to make sure that you are on the right track in meeting your goals. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics knowledge is instrumental in targeting your clients and prospects.

4. Getting proficient with SEO

In order to improve your search rankings, you must learn how to write effective ad copy.

This is done by choosing the right keywords, analyzing links and exploring business best practices in order to improve, track and optimize ad performance.

Technology plays a huge part in roughly every aspect of PR and marketing performance, and knowing how to navigate it is a must. A course in effective SEO techniques will propel you forward if properly used.

5. Learning to manage time

Time management skills are crucial for success, but this particular skill set seems to be elusive to many of us.

Time is money, but juggling a massive to-do list of what you need to do and prioritizing is difficult. Learning how to keep a calendar, plan for the unexpected, manage a team, delegate, stay on track and ignore distractions are all things that will help you to succeed with the proper tools and motivation.

The benefits of e-learning are vast, and good corporate training companies will have relevant courses readily available in their libraries. Identifying your goals and acting on them through digital learning is the smart way to get ahead in marketing and PR.


Vivian Li

PR Manager

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