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5 outstanding podcasts for PR pros

One-third of Americans 12 years or older have listened to at least one podcast.

Podcasts are a fast-growing trend, with the popularity of Serial—a murder investigation podcast that became the fastest to reach 5 million downloads in iTunes history—as just one example.

Pew Research also reported that the number of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the past month has nearly doubled from 2008 (9 percent) to 2015 (17 percent).

PR pros can benefit greatly from this surge of digital information. Among the plethora of podcasts about an array of topics, here are five you should check out:

1. On the Media

Media relations are a big part of PR pros’ daily lives. Knowing the current environment for reporters, broadcasters, editors and publishers can make a big difference in making those efforts successful.

Part of the podcast’s description reads: “For one hour a week, the show tries to lift the veil from the process of ‘making media,’ especially news media, because it's through that lens that we see the world and the world sees us.”

For PR pros who are interested in social media trends and viral campaigns sweeping the Internet, check out the TL;DR podcast (a subset of On the Media.)

2. Young PR Pros

Kristine D’Arbelles, Julia Kent and Ross Simmonds talk all about brand campaigns, communications assignments for university students, accreditation for PR pros and more.

The podcast is a mix of PR news and lessons that any PR student can apply to his or her career path. You don’t have to be a student to enjoy the podcasts, either—the insights are great for any newbie, and even veterans, in the communications field.

3. Social Pros Podcast

Social media changes daily, and PR pros can have a hard time catching up with the latest marketing technique or social platform algorithm before it changes.

Each week, Jay Baer talks with business, social media and marketing professionals on topics such as digital customer service, building brand recognition, giving great presentations and embracing your organization’s detractors.

Monitoring what other brands are doing on social media to tell stories and gain favor with consumers can give you inspiration for your own digital media efforts.

4. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Mignon Fogarty’s website all about grammar is a wealth of knowledge for PR pros looking to improve their writing.

Fogarty’s podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud—offered alongside articles and books that explain common grammar errors and how to fix them.

5. Digital Marketing Radio

David Bain interviews a different online marketing, communications or business professional each week and gets the lowdown on Internet trends and industry insights.

Each show follows a specific format, and Bain asks questions such as what software his guests couldn’t live without, as well as the best advice they’ve ever received.


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