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Promotional Strategy on Wechat
With the rapid growth of economy, the promotional strategies become various and complex. Wechat, weibo, Renren which are the most welcomed social media platforms take half share of the social media strategies in China. Its creativity, convenience and highly usage among netizens are the reasons why it becomes top platforms on social media platforms. Taking wechat as the example, the platform was developed in 2011 which is an instant messaging APP on mobiles. Till July 2015, the active users amount to 549 million covering 90% intelligent mobiles in China. Moreover, the users are from more than 200 countries in the world. Furthermore, the subscription accounts are more than 80 million. 400 million yuan( 64 million USD) are paid through this platform. Wechat has become powerful social platforms for domestic and international companies, which lead to an inevitable social media tool in digital PR strategy.

How to utilize wechat to do social media marketing? First priority is to pin on confirming clients’ initiatives with wechat marketing. Some enterprises are take it as the communicative tool with end-users such as China Southern Airline, Communication Banks. The enterprises like above open service accounts for users. Service accounts target to enable enterprises sending key messages to users. The number of posts is 4 times per month. It is feasible to government department or organizations. Other companies such as Starbucks, Durex would choose to open subscription accounts which enable users to subscribe messages that are sent by enterprises. They may promote the messages by day and the amount of posts can be various by different needs.

In addition, the name of accounts and publishing time need to be considered too. If the name is widely known by populations, such as BMW, Wanda, the accounts can be named with the brands’ names only. But if the brands name is not well-known, an additional key words add-into would be good for searching.

The time of posting messages are various, please note below graph, 4 timings would be important to remember:

From 3a.m. to 5a.m., the lowest publicity;

7a.m. to 9a.m. are the peer time to push messages in the morning;

12p.m. is the rush hours in the noon;

8p.m. to 11p.m. are the rush hours in a whole day

Below are some introductions of ways to promote often:  

1, drifting bottles; It is a free functions on wechat. Companies may place messages into the bottles and “throw into the sea”. Also, it supports two-way communications. However, the enterprises account on wechat doesn’t support the function. Thus, social media specialists would take personal account to make it feasible. Companies would place multiple messages to the boats and deliver to random end-users. Everyone would throw 20 bottles per day. It would be a long term strategy and spreading large amount of messages.

2, Campaigns with Rewards on “Moments”(places where share personal messages with friends” are most welcomed wechat strategy by netizens. It’s easy accessibility and inter-active welcomed by users.

3, KOLs Accounts strategy;KOLs are the influential personals or companies that have large numbers of followers. Enterprises may rent those accounts and place messages on to spread messages and trigger more followers.

4. Wechat shop marketing; A Wechat shop can promote fixed product or service. If a company wants to open a Wechat shop, then it must be registered in China with complete files. Otherwise, the company could use a personal name to register a Wechat shop.

5. Message board promotion; That is to promote contents on the network-related posts or  news boards and fan message boards. Because a large number of users pay much attention on news and posts, the exposure of the news and posts is also big enough.

6. Html5 promotion Since 2014 an Html 5 game “Surrounding the crazy cat”, which created 5 million users and over 100 million visitors in 3 days, released in Wechat “Moments”, the H5 instantly attracted people’s eyes and got the favor of many enterprises and individuals. H5 is eye-catching and has strong visuals impact, which makes people easily to enjoy and at the same time more popular.

Creating attractive contents on WeChat is very important because fans can’t keep following the account without fancy messages or posts frequently; Even your promotion campagin is excellent. Follow Tips should be considered good for WeChat contents:

1.    Yes your messages could be sent to fans directly, but they can ignore them if they are interested in them and maybe they will not follow the account if it releases too many advertisements. Therefore WeChat should not publish too much sales or promotional information about brand, company and products. Industry knowledge, news, deep researches would be welcomed, for example, travel agencies popularize travel tips, restaurants tell people how to make delicious food, etc.

2.    Make full use of auto-response function. Auto-response could deliver important information or just be funny to please fans. It’s a one to one direct communication, which is accurately targeted and time-saving.

3.    Chatting with fans. Durex has a social management team of 8 staffs, the task of this team is to chat with fans using a funny style. The company looks so cute and approachable through it.

4.    Voting. WeChat voting enables participants to be involved in. Moreover, they will invite their friends to vote for them. Traffic flow and fans number increased at the same time.

5.    Send out lucky money. Lucky money could attract the fans’ attention and improve their loyalty during festivals and anniversaries.

The success of promoting on wechat is depending on creativity and perfect follow-up system. Potential followers even sales leads may benefit from the two factors above. Valuable and readable messages may help keep number of fans in the age of crowning content. Comparing to other social platforms, wechat has its advantages:

1, The verification wechat is to assure the genuine of enterprises which strengthen consumers’ faith.

2, Comparing to enterprises’ website that needs professional management, wechat is easy to be handled.

3, Website is one-way domain to place messages for enterprises, however, wechat enable two-way communication that easily to solve risks in the first time and win customers’ loyalty.

4, Traffics on website and weibo are from visitors. However, wechat account may obtain followers that already have intention of purchasing companies’ products. In return, enterprises may take the platforms to further educate consumers even develop customized services for each consumer.

5, Comparing to weibo, wechat’s online payment system is easily triggering sales.

6, The key of weibo is content-drafting, wechat is more of interactive between enterprises and consumers which foster an intimate consumers relations. Weibo is better for branding promotion, wechat is better for customers’ services.

7, Weibo is PC-friendly, wechat is for mobiles and tablets.


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