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6 PR Lessons from 'Parenthood'

NBC’s "Parenthood" infiltrated our hearts with a sense of realness that kept millions intrigued to find out how the characters would handle the trials and tribulations of life.

Not only did we learn about unconditional love, dedication and family values, but there are some very valuable PR lessons hidden amidst this popular TV series.

Here are six communications insights from the Braverman family:

1. You need your team.

Every once in a while, creativity is in sparse supply and writer’s block creeps in. Use your team to spark inspiration and originality for your next great pitch.

Your team is there as a support system. The entire Braverman bunch took up all of the bleachers at Victor’s first baseball game. You have that same team cheering for you in the office.

2. Your headline is everything.

If your pitch doesn’t have an intriguing subject line, it probably isn’t getting opened.

Like Kristina Braverman’s slogan, "Think Big, Vote Little" suggests, sometimes less is more. Make sure every pitch you send is crafted with the perfect blend of wit and brevity.

3. Expect the unexpected.

To-do lists are great, but in the world of PR, every day is a surprise.

Take control of your own situations. Prioritizing is key to not feeling overwhelmed. Say no when you need to, and ask yourself, "what is affecting my clients today?"

Adam was blindsided when his boss sold the company where he worked. Instead of letting this unexpected incident defeat him, he took control of his situation and followed a new path. Sometimes finding a new path is the key to handling an unanticipated scenario.

4. Different personalities are a good thing.

Dealing with unique personalities can be challenging. Whether it’s clients or co-workers, embracing differences and learning how to communicate with people who don’t think the same as you is a quality of a great leader.

Like the Braverman clan, when a room full of diverse personalities come together, incredible things can happen.

5. Find a mentor and meet regularly.

Don’t tackle your career alone.

No matter what your age or how seasoned of a professional you are, making time to meet with someone that will hold you accountable to your goals will increase the chances that you complete them.

Crosby would still be a wandering bachelor without Adam’s advice, and Max would never have fallen in love with photography without Hank.

4. Have hope and never give up.

Tough days, busy times, deadlines and client needs are a constant reality in the PR field.

“Parenthood” reminds us that life is full of challenges, but hard work and perseverance always pay off.

Kristina wouldn’t have opened her school if she hadn’t fought through her cancer; Victor wouldn’t be able to read if he had never tried. Adam wouldn’t have opened the Luncheonette if he hadn’t been let go from his job, Joel wouldn’t have gotten back together with Julia, and Max would never have gotten his Skittle machine back.

Do not give up on your long-term or short-term goal because of obstacles that get in the way.

Even though your relationship with PR may not be as loving or as complicated as the Braverman family’s relationships, the same lessons apply. Being successful as a PR professional comes from constantly learning from others, working hard, growing from your mistakes and having faith in yourself—and your team.


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