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3 reasons content marketing and PR need each other

Content marketing is not new, but many marketers are still trying to figure how to make it effective.

Just 30 percent of business-to-business marketers say they are effective at content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s annual study.

Clearly there’s still a good deal of growth and opportunity for content marketing. You can read more of the CMI’s 2016 takeaways here, but one thing struck me: 72 percent of business-to-business marketers say they are heavily focused on creating engaging content, citing it as a top priority for 2016.

PR also relies heavily on engaging stories, so there’s a natural symbiosis that is underused across organizations. In short, content marketing and public relations should not be mutually exclusive.

Here are three reasons why they need to co-exist:

1. Credibility

It’s easy to drink the Kool-Aid and proclaim via your blog that your latest product or service will transform your industry.

However, if that content is pitched by PR as a contributed post from one of your experts in a key publication, you get more eyeballs on your message and point of view, and you’ll achieve more authority. Then you can post it on your blog with a statement like, "As published in XYZ publication."

2. A fresh set of eyes

Involving the PR team in your content plans helps ensure your content coincides with upcoming news and trends. The PR team will encourage content producers to think beyond Kool-Aid flavored content, and encourage you to weigh in on the popular opinion of the day with a stance or advice that is uniquely yours.

This kind of content provokes more engagement. Your PR team also can pitch it to reporters and insert your point of view into the news du jour. This can drive traffic back to your blog.

3. Extending your reach

The job isn’t done once you’ve published your blog content. There is more you can do with it. We live in the age of "distributed content,"which means you cannot sit back and wait for the traffic to come to you.

You must take that content to the masses. There are numerous platforms that content marketers and their PR teams can use for republishing, which extends reach and creates more engagement. Have you tried LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, Medium and Facebook Notes? What about Wattpad?

These reasons merely scratch the surface of the many ways content marketing and PR can complement each other. According to the CMI report, 67 percent of content marketers define their practice as adolescent, young or novice. Applying a PR mindset to content marketing, or creating collaboration between PR and content teams, will ensure a good result for all.


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