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5 ways PR pros can stay motivated through the holidays

Whether you work from home or at an office, you can feel the shift in the air.

Clients answer emails a little slower or demand more of your time. Gift Guide requests come in strong, and most of them have nothing to do with your other clients. Many people have already checked out, planning their travel, stressed about spending time with family or looking forward to a break.

How can you stay motivated at work during the holidays?

Don’t let the holidays stop you from working PR magic. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, consider these five tips so your work doesn’t suffer:

1. Create a to-do list.

It’s almost 2016. Why not get ahead here and create a to-do list to keep yourself focused and motivated at work?

Think about what you accomplished in 2015 and what you haven’t done. Is there a news outlet you haven’t explored for your client? Perhaps there’s a new angle or pitch you’ve been sitting on for the holiday season. Add it to your to-do list and do it.

Greatist has great tips on how to get items on your to-do list done. There’s no better feeling than making a list, checking it twice—and checking things off. We learned this from Santa.

2. Keep sharing new ideas.

When reporters or clients fall silent, it doesn’t mean you have to.

Since most people clear items off their desks or minds for the end of the year, share a new idea. Think of something timely, different or innovative that adds value for your client or is just what a reporter was looking for.

Inc has some tips on how to generate new ideas. Start brainstorming.

3. Start a new project.

Don’t wait until 2016 to start a new project. If you’re proactive, suggest new processes or a new social media tool for your agency.

Use great tools like Basecamp or Podio to organize your project.

4. Advance your career.

One of the best ways a PR pro succeeds is to keep learning. Before the year ends and you’re busy gift shopping, invest in yourself first.

There are a number of ongoing workshops and webinars to keep you learning new tips and tricks well into 2016. Shonali Burke just launched her 4-week Social PR Virtuoso master course on all things social PR—or check out Michael Smart’s PR training group, The Inner Circle, if you need a boost for your media relations.

5. Revamp your online profiles.

If you have down time, look at your online profiles. If someone Googles you in 2016, will they feel like you’re in-the-know or in the past?

Update your Linkedin profile by getting a new headshot and add new content to your Instagram or blog. Forbes looked at social media trends for 2016; use that to decide what you update first.

Jingle all the way to a fun, productive end of the year. Take some time off but don’t lose sight of your goals and the goals of your clients. Think about what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it and things you haven’t done yet.


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