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4 reasons PR pros should think big for media relations strategies

PR comes in many forms.

Your client or organization may not understand the benefit of press coverage by media outside its local area. The client’s doubt makes sense—you want your company to be featured in local publications and on local broadcast news programs because your customers are local. It’s a no brainer.

However, I always encourage clients to think bigger. When I talk with local companies, I find they overlook opportunities outside local media that could help their businesses.

When I launched my consultancy, I was in Silicon Valley—there, you never walked in to meet with a prospective client and heard, “I just want to be in the local paper.”

They always thought bigger—sometimes, too big. (When that happens, you have to talk them down.) Not everyone will make The Wall Street Journal tomorrow—but thinking bigger about media outreach is a good thing.

When I say bigger, what do I mean? I suggest starting out with industry vertical publications before hitting the big guys, i.e., major publications like USA Today, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

Though not every organization or story is going to fit major publications, many do have an expert point of view for industry trade publications.

If you're not yet convinced, here are four reasons to pursue coverage in a national trade publication:

1. There are SEO benefits. Even if your client’s customers are mostly local, they still search online for vendors. Being included in a story in a national publication makes it more likely your client will be found.

2. It helps your client stand out. If a potential customer searches for vendors and will inevitably compare your client with its competitors, having an article in a national publication is going to help your client stand out.

3. It positions your client as an expert in his or her field. If your article appears in a national publication, it adds to your client’s credibility in its field.

4. The “wow” factor happens. Being seen in a publication whose readership is national has a “wow” factor. And, there’s always a chance other reporters at major publications may see it and file it away in case they need a source for an forthcoming piece.

The bottom line is it can’t hurt—but it can help—your client’s business.

Once the article appears, you can:

Share it on social media.

Post it on your site.

Share it in your newsletter.

Some businesses even impress visitors by hanging framed print articles in their office lobby or retail store.

Local is important, but what organization wouldn’t benefit from wider exposure?


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