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Social Media 101: A Revolution in Public Relations

In the beginning, public relations focused a lot on the care and feeding of journalists, because the only ways to effectively a mass audience was through the mass media.

Today, social media tools are making it possible to communicate directly with almost any audience. You don't have to rely entirely on the mass media as a conduit and a filter.

That's not to say newspaper, radio, television and blogs aren't important. They still are.

Increasingly, though, stories and memes are getting picked up in the mass media not because somebody pitched the story with a phone call or a press release, but because of an ingenious viral video on Youtube, a funny photo posted on Facebook or an e-mail exchange between an average customer and the CEO like Steve Jobs of Apple.

Here are some of the major social media tools and why they matter:


Can you say anything of importance in 140 characters or less? Yes you can. And millions of people will see it, and respond, and tell their friends.


Sites like WordPress and Blogger make it easy to set up a blog for yourself, a company or a public figure. You can literally get one up and running in ten minutes. More and more people are reading blogs because they're updated more often than static web pages, giving audiences more information, and they let readers post comments and have a dialogue instead of simply listening to a monologue.


Facebook increasingly a major part of the web, with 500 million users and other sites building in features that work with your Facebook profile.

It's like e-mail on steroids, an organizing tool and a web page rolled into one powerful package. Some tech experts say that Facebook is in many ways taking over big chunks of the web.

Youtube and Flickr

We are visual creatures, and we respond to images and videos. Viral videos are a huge part of our culture now.
Smart companies and public figures are making short videos that they post on youtube and similar sites that spread their message around the nation, or the world, without spending a dime in advertising money. Photos are also primal, and sites like Flickr are the smartest way to store and save your images.

It's not uncommon these days to send out an announcement about a major media event by Twitter with a link to a blog with the full press release, then to post video of the event on youtube. Doing public relations means learning how to use thes modern tools.


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