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11 Valentine's Day gifts for the PR pro in your life
Whether you’re buying for a PR guru, social media junkie or a graphic-design lover, creative people love original gifts. 

Here are a few gifts that’ll be a hit on Feb. 14: 

1. Bath bomb from Lush 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to relax—and bath bombs are an effective and inexpensive way to help do so. 

PR pros’ days are filled with calls, media lists, social media monitoring, texts and strategy meetings. With the gift of a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics, they can feel like they’re sailing along the shoreline (with Big Blue) or blasting off into space (with Intergalactic). 

2. Pantone watch 

As PR and marketing pros know, color is crucial in the industry especially when it comes to branding. So, why not help your Valentine be on top of his or her game with this awesome watch? 

This unisex watch comes in Pantone’s iconic colors, which will definitely be a hit with your favorite designer. This year’s colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. 

3. WiFi mug 

Nothing fuels a PR pro more than a cup of coffee or tea. Drinking out of this quirky mug will make your Valentine’s mornings a little bit brighter. 

It’s perfect for PR, marketing and social media pros who appreciate a good Wi-Fi connection. 

4. Ringly 

Ringly is the definition of fashion meets technology. This is the perfect accessory for busy PR executives who frequently check their emails and social media, providing bling and convenience in one small package. 

Receive calls, emails, social media notifications and more through vibration and a subtle light on the side of the ring—without ever having to check your phone or computer. 

5. Aqua Notes 

Leaving cute love notes for that special someone in the shower is possible with Aqua Notes. 

When you’re not using it to write romantic haikus, the waterproof notepad can be used to jot down ideas for your next pitch or blog post—even if inspiration strikes when you’re shampooing. 

6. Digital picture frame 

Whether your PR pro works in an office or from home, having pictures of loved ones and past vacations is a great way to decorate a desk and remind him or her of what’s important. 

Documenting your memories has never been easier. With the #Cube Digital Picture Frame, your photos and videos will continuously download from social media feeds when you are connected to WiFi. This makes it easy to see and display more of what (and who) you love without ever buying another picture frame. 

7. Mobile lens kit 

Get your Valentine something simple, but useful: Boost your smartphone photo prowess with a mobile lens kit. 

The set includes fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses so your social media guru won’t be stuck with one camera setting. The lenses are easy to use and fit with most smartphones and tablets. 

8. Photo album 

PR pros spend their days working on projects for clients and doing things for others; do something thoughtful for them and put together your top memories. 

If your special someone loves reminiscing and looking back on photos, you could also give them a creative, modern scrapbook with Chatbooks. Collect photos from your phone and social media and let Chatbooks do the rest. 

9. Portable power bank 

There’s nothing more frustrating than working on an important project when you get that dreaded low battery message. With this portable power bank, you have back-up power to keep going—a must for PR pros on the go.  

10. Food dice 

PR people are up for taking chances and trying new things (how else do you think they get their clients such great coverage?). 

Foodie Dice enables you to “roll the dice” to decide what to cook for dinner. This can spark creativity in the kitchen, bring fun to meals and make your dinners together extra sweet (even if the food isn’t). 

11. Wacom Bamboo Spark 

Bamboo Spark is for the person in your life who’s always writing ideas onto post-it notes and old receipts. 

Start writing with the Bamboo Spark smart pen on your own paper when inspiration strikes, and each stroke will be stored. Everything from notes to doodles will be converted to the app instantly, so all of your Valentine’s ideas are easily accessible and in no danger of being accidentally thrown away. 

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Whether you prefer to give simple thoughtful gifts or want to splurge on the newest technology, these creative gift ideas are bound to impress the PR pro in your life.

Courtney Moed is an associate account executive at Springboard PR. A version of this article originally appeared on the the firm’s blog.

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