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Applying 8 modern dating rules to PR
With Valentine's Day almost here, it's not uncommon for PR pros to compare their jobs to the dating scene. But has wooing reporters evolved like dating has?

Check out these eight aspects of modern dating—big changes from old-fashioned courtship—and see to what extent they apply to news releases. 
1.  Don't play the “waiting game.” 
One of the most important aspects of news distribution is timing. Breaking news has to be released with lightning speed. In a fast-moving news distribution and consumption cycle, releases should be coming from your company as soon as information becomes news. 

2. Be familiar with modern modes of communication.
 A news release doesn’t end with its publication. Don’t forget the importance of sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to jump-start discussions and increase the overall impact of your news. At Business Wire, we offer a NUVI social media monitoring report as part of our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable features. That report and others like it gather together the most important social media and modern communication information from your release. 

3. Be careful what you share online.

At Business Wire, we also have a strict security policy and we check all of our releases not only for inappropriate content but also for authenticity. This step ensures fake releases that could impact stock prices or trading are discovered well before they are distributed. Examples such as the Google/ICOA disaster, and the fake AP terror tweet serve only to prove how important this extra security is. 

4. Find your ideal partner.

Every piece of news you create is designed to activate a very specific audience, so make sure they can see your news. Write your news release to answer questions and provide the data your core audience wants to see. That will help not only move this audience through your sales and marketing funnel, but to build advocates. Be judicious in determining who receives your news and consider specialty audiences to ensure your key constituents can easily find your news and act. 

5. Dress up.

Does your press release give a good first impression? Just like for a date, you want to make sure your news looks as good as it reads. Add logos, photographs and/or video to make your news more attractive to your target audiences.  News releases containing multimedia get an average of 3x more attention than plain-text news. Dress up your release to give your news the best chance possible of being found and read.

6. Racial and ethnic barriers matter less than ever.

Globalization is a must! Local, regional and global news distribution options mean your news release can be shared with every market, with minimal effort from you and your company. And think outside your own backyard. The piece “The Wrong Color, the Wrong Word – The Importance of Cultural Knowledge in Global Marketing  ” demonstrates exactly why you should be targeting a variety of audiences to increase the overall impact of your communications program. 

7. Do not assume exclusivity.

Press releases are the just the start of any news or marketing program. You may have been the first to share that particular piece of news, but you won’t be the last. Thanks to wide placement of your release and the speed of social networks, news releases are picked up faster than ever before and shared over and over again. Make sure your piece is perfect before distribution, and be ready to handle any reactions. 

8. The world is smaller than ever.

As clichéd as it sounds, your news can essentially reach the whole world (internet access permitting, of course) with the click of a button. The internet is now considered the fastest communication medium in the world. Make the most of it. Don’t limit the potential reach of your news. The more places people can discover your news, the more opportunities you have to find, build and activate your fan base. 

As it turns out, modern day dating isn’t that dissimilar to modern day PR. So this Valentine’s day, share both the love and your news. Be sure to follow the most important piece of dating advice: Have fun.


Vivian Li

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