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9 reasons to fall in love with a PR career

How do I love PR? Let me count the ways. 

It can be a misunderstood profession, and some say it’s all spin. Despite misconceptions and the lack of respect PR pros sometimes receive, most wouldn’t do anything else. 

I would like to ask some public relations pros what they love most about their work. Here are nine reasons why they love what they do: 

1. PR isn’t a one-size-fits-all profession. 

There are many different types of PR roles. Whether you like to write, pitch, research or strategize, you’re in luck. You might start out in one role and decide it isn’t for you, but another role is. 

The great thing is that there are jobs to fit you, whatever your interest might be. 

2. You get to work with interesting companies. 

In PR, you can work with companies in almost any industry and of any size—from corporate giants to small companies and startups. You can also work as a solo practitioner or take an in-house role. 

PR consultant Sabrina Browne says that communicators ultimately get paid for doing what they love: 

PR allows you to work in basically any industry or field and do what you love. From cars to consumer, lifestyle to leisure, tech to travel, and so forth, the PR industry allows one to combine their interests with their work, ultimately turning your passion into your paycheck. 

3. There’s never a dull moment. 

PR work is so varied that every day is different. 

One day, you may be writing a speech or a contributed article. The next, you’re pitching a new product announcement. Then, you may be coming up with a strategy for a company who’s getting ready to launch. The variety keeps it lively. 

PR pro Carrie Morgan, author of the new book, “Above the Noise,” says, “I'm completely in love with what I do—tackling something new every day, constantly learning and being creative feeds my soul in a way that I just don't think another profession would. It's immensely challenging and satisfying.” 

This sentiment is shared by PR and marketing pro Rene Dupont: “I love that every day is a little different in the world of PR and marketing. We work in an industry that’s constantly evolving.” 

4. You get to tell stories. 

Storytelling is hotter than ever—and those skills are becoming more in demand as consumers respond to emotion, not sales pitches. 

Visual storytelling is also growing in importance. PR pro Neha Wasnik says one of her favorite things is “being a storyteller—and now a visual one at that.” 

5. You’re constantly learning new things. 

There’s no end to the amount of tools and platforms available to help PR practitioners do their work. 

One place to continue learning about what’s new and hot is #RaganChat. It’s a great way to stay on top of what’s trending, while sharing your knowledge with others. It’s a valuable resource for public relations practitioners in all stages of their careers. 

A PR pro and #RaganChat regular, Bill Spaniel, says, “Learning more about newer techniques like social media to communicate to publics is one thing I really enjoy about PR.” 

6. You flex your creative muscles. 

Whether you work in-house or with multiple clients, creativity is a must. Writing and creating is a big part of any role in PR, and coming up with fresh approaches to your work makes the work endlessly interesting. 

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“I love getting the word out about clients, and the creativity it takes,” says PR pro Emily Sidley. 

7. You get to be part of a team. 

PR isn’t an island. It touches departments across organizations, as well as outside audiences. PR pros collaborate with departments such as marketing, sales and engineering, along with the C-suite. Along the way, you meet great people and learn about what they do. 

This keeps PR work fresh and evergreen. You won’t get bored. 

“I also truly like my media colleagues and having an opportunity to meet them is always fun,” says Wasnik. 

8. Getting a hit for clients gives you a high.  

I still get giddy when a story makes it all the way from conception through pitching and into the news. It’s a wonderful feeling when the client calls you to say they closed a sale or discovered a great new prospect because of the coverage. That’s the power of PR In action. 

9. PR really does matter. 

PR impacts the bottom line—and is valued more than ever, as PR pros improve measurement and proving ROI. 

With the rise of content marketing and influencer marketing (both of which are traditionally in PR’s wheelhouse) it’s becoming even more vital to a company’s overall strategy. 

“In PR, what we do today can make a difference on what tomorrow will bring,” Dupont says. 

Fellow PR pros, what do you love most about your work in public relations? 

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