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The 5 stories PR pros need to know on Tuesday, 3.15.2016

(Sort of) Super Tuesday
Voters in five states go to the polls today, with the Republican establishment seeing Ohio’s winner-take-all primary as its best chance to stop Donald Trump. Florida could be Marco Rubio’s last stand. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is looking for another upset win in the Buckeye State. North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri are also voting.

NFL acknowledges link to brain disease
For the first time, an NFL official said there is a connection between the sport and brain disease CTE, which can be caused by repeated blows to the head. Jeff Miller, the league’s SVP of health and safety, was speaking at a roundtable convened by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Monday.

Investors file $3.6b suit against Volkswagen
Institutional investors in Germany have filed a $3.6 billion lawsuit against Volkswagen, claiming the automaker violated its capital markets duty by equipping its cars with "defeat devices" meant to confuse emissions testers. The company’s North American CEO stepped down last week.

WSJ: Honest Company supplier changed product claims last year
While the Jessica Alba-founded company has long said its detergents do not contain chemical SLS, the supplier that makes its products changed the language on its website last year to remove that claim, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company denied its detergent products contain the chemical this week. Alba blogged about the controversy last Friday.

Tinder matches disappear, people freak out
A glitch stopped Tinder users from seeing their matches on Monday afternoon, and many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain. The dating app acknowledged the technical issues and said it had fixed them on Monday night on Twitter.

What to know on Tuesday:
James LaForce launches new firm. Uber driver charged with killing six says the app made him do it. Google exec to pitch Congress on driverless cars today. Avon to cut 2,500 jobs and move headquarters to the U.K. Re/code looks into influencers at SXSW. More from BuzzFeed, BBC on tennis match-fixing. GOP-funded ad features Trump’s comments about women over the years. Controversial Theranos CEO to hold Clinton fundraiser

Correction: This story was updated on Tuesday morning to remove the classification of Avon's move to the U.K. as an 'inversion deal.' It is keeping its incorporation in New York.


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