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3 ways to work on the ‘you’ in your PR business

As much as you love your craft, no one will simply hand you new business or a new career opportunity. It’s a given that in order to be successful in any field you need to have desirable skills, but it’s important to remember to stay focused and continue working on your business strategy.

Here’s a look at what you can do to work on both your business and career as a PR professional.

Set time aside
Gini Dietrich, the CEO of professional development and marketing blog, Spin Sucks, said she makes an effort to dedicate entire periods of time each week to growing her company.

For Dietrich, it was Friday afternoons. It’s likely that if you have a full-time job, you don’t have time to focus weekly on ways to grow your side business. It’s possible too, that you don’t know where to start. Whatever your reasons might be, before deciding you can’t improve your business strategy, just take an hour per week to consider that you can.

Try to make an effort in your weekly hour of self-improvement strategy to set short-term goals. Ask yourself what steps you might be able to take immediately as well as considering what goals you might have in three months. Write down your ideas even if they seem unrealistic. You’ll have time to adjust later.

As you get used to having an hour per week to think about your career and business plans, you’ll likely see that you want to increase that time. Focusing a certain amount of time on personal strategy is a habit all PR pros need to develop.

I can’t stress enough the importance of networking. Let me put it this way: In the PR world, if you don’t network, you don’t exist.

Every PR professional should treat their career as a business, and establish a business plan. In your plan, networking should be at the very top.

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Try to make a deal with yourself and commit to meeting five new people every week. They can be online and offline introductions. Try too, to reestablish connections with people already inside of your network.

In time, a commitment to networking will grow your contact base, but will also better establish your reputation as a PR pro. When it comes to networking, remember that it’s as much about “them” as it is about you.

Know when to bring in help
Knowing when to ask for help or hire more people is crucial when making an effort to work on your business. As busy as you might be with daily tasks, client meetings or administrative duties, set time aside and write down what tasks or projects you would be willing to delegate and to whom.

Having the ability to focus on your strengths and delegate tasks better suited to others is vital to your success. If you’re working on your own, consider your contacts. Is there someone among them who can pick up some of your workload? Offer them a consulting opportunity.

I am not saying you shouldn’t learn new things, but when you start to think as a business owner with a growing operation, you’ll realize you need to delegate in order to best meet the needs of your clients.


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