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4 ways PPC benefits your clients’ PR

To reach their clients’ audiences better, PR firms must market cross-platform. A vital component of cross-platform marketing is pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Every time a consumer clicks on your PPC ad, you pay a small fee. Unlike traditional ads (print ads), PPC ads, when optimized correctly, capture multi-device users by following them between devices, wherever they are. That’s just one of the many benefits of PPC.

Here are four reasons why PR firms should use PPC in client marketing.

1. PPC is more cost effective.  Why? Clients only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

For clients on a tight budget, PPC makes it easier to stay within budget. It allows you to set the limits on how much money will be spent on your client’s campaign. And when a PPC campaign isn’t working, you simply adjust it until you hit your client’s desired ROI.

For instance, you do PR for a mom-and-pop deli. They don’t have a huge ad budget, but need exposure. In lieu of billboard ads and expensive TV commercials, PPC gets the word out cheap.

2. PPC can be tailored to target audiences and platforms.  PPC campaigns can reach your client’s ideal demographic (and device) via keyword optimization and geo-targeting.

For example, your client is a local gym that specializes in hot yoga for 20-35 year-olds. It’s running a survey and wants to target its competitors’ customers. With PPC, you can target other gym-goers within that demographic.

Further optimize your client’s campaign with geo-targeting, selecting the time, day, and geographical radius. Like keyword optimization, geo-targeting can also be modified (e.g. seasons, events).

3. PPC will boost your clients’ SEO and brand awareness.  PR firms already use SEO. By combining SEO with PPC, they create even stronger marketing for clients.

Think about it. Consumers already search for your client’s brand. PPC ads increase your client’s  online visibility  by raising the awareness of their paid search keywords. In turn, it’ll boost your clients’ organic search results.

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It’s better to diversify than to rely solely on organic traffic. By providing PPC in-house, you give clients a well-rounded strategy. You know your clients’ PR goals better than any third-party PPC agency.

4. It gives control over messages.  PPC allows PR firms to test content until they find the combination that works.

Once advertising is printed, it’s final. With PPC, your client isn’t married to one message. You can easily change the message should you find it doesn’t sway your client’s audience, or something happens and the message needs to be changed quickly.

For example, your local gym client sells health supplements. One day a report debunks the benefits of a supplement. Unlike print, you can remove the problem instantly by replacing your PPC ad or updating it with a disclaimer.

PPC gives you control over messages when it matters most.


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