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Geni-plus PR Consulting Company has been approved by PRBI as the ONLY member in China by now

April 22rd, 2013, (Beijing, China)---Today, PRBI, a tightly knit group of boutique PR firms with international reach has just approved Geni-plus PR's membership. Geni-plus PR earns the great honor of the only PR member of PRBI in China.

With one month application and voting process, Geni-plus PR has won the membership with more than 75% votes from all 33 company members of PRBI gloablly. It is showed that PRBI has formally admitted by U.S. PR industry while opening a new market for company to develop.

Mr. Paul Furiga, member of PRBI has sent his greetings to us: "On behalf of PR Boutiques International, it's my honor to officially congratulate you on the approval of Geni-Plus PR as PRBI's newest member agency!"

Below is the confirm letter issued by PRBI's president, Mr. Dan Leinweber.


Vivian Li

PR Manager

Tel: +86 010 8390 7451

Mobile: +86 13041030670