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How Social Media Has Changed The Face of Public Relations

Similar to how individuals advertise their lives on Facebook profiles, public relations companies use social media marketing to advertise information about their clients on the Internet. Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have revamped the way that public relation firms reach their customers.

Jeremy Pepper, a PR professional said in an article on, “There are so many uses- conversational marketing, reaching influencers -that PR is able to participate in conversations and answer questions, be a support system for clients and companies.”

This support system has turned in to  one big conversation, and public relation companies want in. Their main goal is to increase a company’s name recognition within the conversation.

Pepper says in order to do this he follows industry experts on Twitter, and takes initiative to comment on what they have to say, offering them valuable information.

“It lets the people know that there is another solution besides the large corporations, and lets us have conversations with the analysts beyond the calls,” Pepper says.

According to a study released by Eric Schwartzman’s iPressroom that surveyed 278 public relations, marketing and human resources professionals to identify trends regarding their approach to social media, PR professionals are now being placed in charge of website content, blogging, podcasting and social networking.

The survey reported that 70 percent of respondents are now utilizing social networking at their company. Small-to-medium-sized public relations companies are ahead of larger organizations when it comes to adapting, with 64 percent on Twitter and 74 percent on social networking sites. Only 47 percent of larger companies have a Twitter feed, and 38 percent have a Facebook page.

The digital marketing movement has led to dramatically changed job descriptions to those in the PR industry. iPressroom reports that in 51 percent of organizations, PR leads digital communications, and PR is responsible for blogging at 49 percent of all organizations.

Adam Singer, a reporter for Top Rank Blog says, “There are too many faceless brands, companies and even, amazingly people on the planet. We crave authenticity – and digital channels reward it higher than traditional. ”

Singer says that the web is merely an avenue to express ourselves, and it enables companies to talk with consumers and prospects, not at them.

“Embrace PR with this in mind, and you’ll nurture a very different kind of relationship than those who treat it like a broadcast tool,” Singer says.


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